Budget Websites

Budget websites from Website Development ShopWhen you just need the basics.

If you're looking for a basic, simple, mobile device friendly website then our budget websites are for you.

Budget Websites from $499* to $1,699*

If you know you need a website but you're on a very tight budget then consider our budget websites. These websites are the perfect combination of nice looking design and low cost.

This isn't a Do-It-Yourself site where it's up to you to get it done. Rather, a highly experienced website developer will work directly with you to put your website together for you at costs ranging from just $499* to $1,699*. That's right, you'll get your own dedicated professional website developer to work directly with you - even though you aren't spending thousands of dollars on your website.

You get to choose the layout/design from one of our professionally designed themes. You will then send the images and text to us, let us know where in the template you want them placed and we do the work for you. Following your directions, we'll add your content and photos to conform to the layout and style of the template you've selected.

Basic Features

These basic features are available to all of our Budget Website clients.

Websites From 3 to 5 Pages

At a minumum, each site contains Home, About and Contact Us pages. You can stop there or get up to 5 pages with varying levels of features.


Mobile Device Capable

All of our websites, including our budget websites, are fully mobile device capable for viewing on cell phones and tablets.

Professional, Clean Designs

Our website design themes are highly polished, modern, minimalist, clean and professional to help you make a great impression.

Optional Features

All of our budget websites can accomodate these additional options for an additional cost.

Search Engine Optimization

If you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can do it once or as part of an on-going service.

Internet Marketing

When your website is complete we can provide fee-based Internet marketing to get your website on top.

Website Maintenance

Website security, backups, code updates and changes or additions to your website.

handicap accessible websites

Handicap Accessibity

Expand your market reach, demonstrate social responsibility, drive innovation and minimize your legal risk for expensive ADA lawsuits.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy! Just contact us, pick a template, sign up, pay and send us your content. It's really just that simple.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a budget website for your business.

1. Contact Us

Speak directly with the website developer that is going to work with you to get your website up and running. There is nothing better than direct communication to make sure we'll get the job done right!

2. Pick a Template

At a minumum, each site contains Home, About Us and Contact Us pages. You can stop there or get up to 8 pages with varying levels of features such as slideshows and special effects.

3. Sign Up

Complete our brief registration form to make sure we have all of your contact information and the correct name of your chosen theme. Once you have completed the form your information will be sent to your website developer.

4. Pay

We are PayPal verified and all payments are processed via PayPal. Once you have provided payment the development of your website will begin.

5. Send Your Content

Send your text and images to your website developer via simple e-Mail. Your dedicated developer will give you detailed instructions on how your content needs to be formatted to fit your theme.


6. Review, Approve & Go Live

Review the website to double check your content. Request edits to make sure the site is correct and approve it. Once your final approval is received your website will go live immediately!

* As you choose the domain name registration and website hosting company you want (e.g., GoDaddy, Network Solutions, HostGator, etc.) their prices are beyond our control and are not included.

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